Business Support

Technology Services - Business Support provides technology services, solutions, and support to the units within the Division of Finance and Business Services, the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, and the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Contact our Help Desk: or (979) 458-2984

Making a Request

Help Desk Requests are all routine desktop, hardware/software problems, and application support. These types of requests include:

  • Problems associated with your computing hardware (monitors, PC, mouse, printers, etc.)
  • Software issues (both generic and department-specific software applications)
  • Login or security problems
  • Email issues
  • Network connectivity
  • Data feeds
  • Application issues (SharePoint, Payformance, Campus Loan Manager, etc.)
  • Procurement of computing related hardware or software
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Web requests are routine edits and maintenance of Division of Finance websites, including:

  • All website content, including new pages
  • Smaller requests for applications previously developed
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Special projects are new IT projects or enhancements to existing processes. These types of requests include:

  • Custom application development
  • Implementation of third-party solutions
  • Application integration
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Note: The instructions below are for users in the following units: Accounting and Financial Services, Budget and Planning, Business Services, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, the Vice President's Office. All other staff should contact their IT support liaison for the appropriate instructions.